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Design and production of pipeline fittings
for the wellhead hookup and accessories for tubing strings

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Information on production

Currently, our company owns a manufacturing workshop with an area of 1.300 m2 and 900 m2, which includes: a blank site, a machining site, a welding station with 4 welding posts, an assembly site, a hydraulic test site, a coating site, a conservation and packaging site for finished products.

The welding station is equipped with: semi-automatic rotators, manual and semi-automatic NEON and FoxWeld welding inverters, FoxWeld inverter plasma cutters, electric deburring tools.

Machinery at the beginning of the year 2018 consists of 7 pieces of production equipment, including 4 lathes: 2 lathes with CNC of 2017 (Solex NL635SC and CKE6150), 1 screw-cutting lathe CW6263E (2017), 1 lathe16К20 (1981), 1 milling machine ВМ127, 1 semi-automatic bandsaw machine Pilous ARG 300 (2016), 1 drilling machine 2T150 (2017).


The number of employees is as follows:

Administrative staff – 15 people;

Engineering Staff Worker – 8 people;

Direct labor – 17 people.


Our primary activity: design and manufacture of manifold lines-the means of delivery of drill mud and other process liquid from its manufacture and/or storage to the well mouth. Manifold lines are used as part of drilling rigs for drilling prospecting, exploration and production oil and gas wells. Manifolds are also used as a treating iron during repairing and abandon operations at the well.

Currently the Innovative Industrial Company LLC has the ability to produce manifold lines, designed for a maximum working pressure of up to 70 MPa (700 atm). The development of equipment designed for operating pressure up to 105 MPa (1050 atm) is being actively carried out.

In addition, the company specializes in the production of:
-blocks and elements of the blowout prevention equipment (BOP);
-flange coupling of wellhead equipment (GOST 28919-91);
-casing mountings of tubing (fitting pipes, adapter subs, couplings, knock-off valves).

“IIC” LLC is an advanced and ambitious company

For us, our products quality criterion is in the first place. Therefore, we invest a lot of effort and resources, constantly working to increase the service life of our products, their flexibility in application and reliability.

Also we do not forget about new developments, moving in two directions:

  • creating new products, upgrading the existing ones;
  • introducing innovative products. In 2015, we started the development of a fundamentally new product for us. Innovative Industrial Company LLC plans to receive the results of this work by the end of 2018.

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