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Pipes and nozzles

Pipes and nozzles are the elements that allow creating lines for connecting equipment and other units to each other for transportation of various media: water, oil, oil products, alkalis, inhibited acid solutions, cement and clay solutions, and other process fluids.

They are made of different grades of steels of general purpose, structural and alloyed steels.

For connection, threads of different standards can be used: tubing in accordance with GOST 633-80, pipe (cylindrical and conical), in inches, foreign: NPT, BSPT.

Today we offer pipes as per GOST Standards R 52203-2004 and GOST 633-80 of strength groups D, K, E and L.

Труба НКТ_модель Труба НКТ_схема

d, mm D, mm L, mm Thread
40 48 Customized tubing 48
50 60 Customized tubing 60
62 73 Customized tubing 73
76 89 Customized tubing 89
89 102 Customized tubing 102
100 114 Customized tubing 114

It is possible to manufacture nozzles with connecting threads according to other standards: GOST 6211-81, BSPT, NPT.

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