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Knock-off valves


Knock-off valve (alias — discharge valve, bleed valve) is applied in the oil industry with process units equipped with electric pumps for killing the wells before their repair.

The knock-off valve consists of a body and internal boring bar screwed into it. Before the process unit is lifted, a metal core is thrown into the pump compressor pipe, breaking the bar at the place of boring. As a result, a hole is opened for draining the stratum fluids into the annular space.

The knock-off valve ensures reliable opening of the channels and provides the possibility of repeated use.

The advantage of this design is an absolute reliability as opposed to the conventionally used valve with the bayonet type catcher. Thereby lifting of the pump compressor pipe filled with stratum fluid is excluded.
Currently we produce the knock-off valves with the pump compressor pipe threading, as per GOST Standards 633-80 for the tubing string of any dimension-type.

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NPS, mm d, mm D, mm L, mm Weight, kg Thread
50 (2″) 48 (40) 83 (73) 180 (190) 3,6 (3,2) tubing 60
62 (2,5″) 53 89 180 3,84 tubing 73
76 (3″) 72 108 200 5,4 tubing 89
89 (3,5″) Customized tubing 102
100 (4″) tubing 114

The specified dimensions may be different from the available; please clarify the necessary parameters with the company’s specialists.

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