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Design and production of pipeline fittings
for the wellhead hookup and accessories for tubing strings

Spare parts for CA-320

Cementing pump units CА-320 are designed for injection of various liquid media during well cementing while drilling and overhaul, as well as during preflush and overflush operations in oil and gas wells.

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Labelling (Drawing number) Alternative label Product name
11G-22-01 Three-way valve
2АU.21.002 Cones seat
2АU.21.003 Sleeve nut
3АU.01.012 Grummet
3KSh.00.000 Swivel joint 40MPa
3KSh.00.000 Swivel joint 70MPa
3KSh.00.008 Grummet
4AN.3.53.3 Membrane
4AN.3.53-01 Separator
9G.06.00.120 Aperture D-20
9G.11.55 Р Upper frame cover rep.NB125
9G.11.55-01 Р Lower frame cover rep.NB125
9G-1-32 (9МГР-61,73) Piston rod (L = 1140 pistons with cone seating)
9G-1-32-01(9МГР-61,73) Piston rod (L = 1140 pistons with cylinder seating)
9T RTI 9T Rubber TechniCАl Products Kit (no pistons)
AFNI.067721.007 NC320 Rubber TechniCАl Products Kit
AFNI.067721.008 NB125 Rubber TechniCАl Products Kit
AFNI.296372.001 F111 valve seat hydraulic puller
AFNI.296377.001 Liner pickup device
AFNI.296377.002 Liner pickup
AFNI.296441.002 Hex key S=65
AFNI.296441.002-01 Hex key S=75
AFNI.301265.007 9G.02.400 Valve CАp
AFNI.302417.001 Admission line
AFNI.302441.005 Pipe 4065mm
AFNI.302441.005-01 Pipe 2065mm
AFNI.302441.005-02 Pipe 1140mm
AFNI.302441.005-03 Pipe 1120mm
AFNI.302637.017 9G.06.00.100 Discharge header
AFNI.302645.008 Suction hose Du75 L=4000
AFNI.302645.008-01 Suction hose Du75 L=6000
AFNI.302669.001 9G.06.00.000 Outlet unit
AFNI.302669.001 А Outlet unit (without discharge header)
AFNI.304269.002 9G.9.29 Notched collar
AFNI.304513.004 9T.01.100 Connection rod with barrel
AFNI.304515.001 Eccentric shaft assembled with rim
AFNI.304516.001 9G.01.200 Cross-head
AFNI.305365.006 Damper
AFNI.306121.005 Ball valve du=50mm Ру=70MPa
AFNI.306121.011 Ball valve du=25mm Ру=70MPa
AFNI.306555.002 Valve area unit
AFNI.306555.003 9T.02.300 Valve area (NC-320)
AFNI.306555.004 9G.02.101 Valve area (NB-125)
AFNI.306571.001 9T.2.6 Piston (F90)
AFNI.306571.002 9T.2.33 Piston (F100)
AFNI.306571.002-01 9T.2.7 Piston (F115)
AFNI.306571.002-02 9T.2.34 Piston (F127)
AFNI.306571.003-01 Piston rod with piston and nuts F115
AFNI.306571.003-02 Piston rod with piston and nuts F90
AFNI.306571.003-03 Piston rod with piston and nuts F100
AFNI.306571.003-04 Piston rod with piston and nuts F127
AFNI.306577.001 9T.9 Valve assembly F105
AFNI.306577.001-01 9T.2.69 Valve assembly F111
AFNI.306577.002 9T.02.220 Safety valve
AFNI.711141.043 9T.4.9 Ring
AFNI.711374.001 9G.02.008 Cover
AFNI.711472.002 9G.01.016-01 Packing box
AFNI.712173.001 1Т.118А Seat ring F111
AFNI.712351.002 9T.3.1А Seat ring F105 (for F90 liners)
AFNI.713191.004 9T.1.20.2А Liner
AFNI.713312.001 9G.11.58 Cross-head pin
AFNI.713341.019 11Т.01.028-01 Closing sleeve
AFNI.713352.002 9T.2.61 Packing box
AFNI.713514.002 Bolt
AFNI.713542.002 9G.9.103 Cover plate nut
AFNI.715113.005-01 9T.4.1 Safety nail 40 MPa
AFNI.715113.005-02 9T.4.5 Safety nail 32 MPa
AFNI.715113.005-03 9T.4.6 Safety nail 23 MPa
AFNI.715113.005-04 9T.4.7 Safety nail 18,5 MPa
AFNI.715412.001 9T.4.8 Rod (of pressure relief valve)
AFNI.715441.001-01 5Т.20 Cylinder bushing F90
AFNI.715441.001-02 6G.102А Cylinder bushing F100
AFNI.715441.001-03 6G.103 Cylinder bushing F115
AFNI.715441.001-04 6G.104 Cylinder bushing F127
AFNI.715513.005 9T.2.5 Piston rod
AFNI.715741.001 Fitting 2”
AFNI.722515.002 Worm screw
AFNI.722542.001 Worm wheel ring
AFNI.723413.005 Lower frame cover
AFNI.723413.005-01 Upper frame cover
AFNI.732221.001 9T.01.014А Frame (NC-320)
AFNI.743411.002 5Т.27А Connection rod
AFNI.751662.001 9G.01.201 Cross-head body
AFNI.752411.001-01 9T.3.2 Valve plate F105
AFNI.752411.001-02 9T.3.2 Valve plate F111
AFNI.753691.003 1Т.133 Shock sub
AFNI.753691.004 Liner
AFNI.753781.001 9T.01.013А Lower frame cover
AFNI.753781.001-01 9T.01.013А-01 Upper frame cover
AFNI.753781.002 9G.01.202 Cross-head cover
AFNI.754152.016 9G.9.122 Gasket
AFNI.754152.017 5Т.65 Cylinder bushing sealing
AFNI.754152.018 9T.62 Gasket
AFNI.754152.021 9T.2.15 Ring
AFNI.754171.001 Rod sea
AFNI.754171.003 9T.2.9 Seal
AFNI.754171.004 CА300.9.6 Grummet
AFNI.754171.005 9T.2.8 Piston seal
AFNI.754174.003 Bottom valve grummet
AFNI.754174.004 9T.3.3 F105 valve grummet
AFNI.754174.004-01 9T.3.3 F111 valve grummet
AFNI.754175.001 Seal ring (wing nut ring)
AFNI.754175.002 9T.10.3 Seal ring
AFNI.758412.006 5Т.10 Rod locknut
AFNI.758412.009 9T.2.70 Rod nut
AFNI.758493.002-01 9T.3.4 Washer F105
AFNI.758493.002-02 9T.3.4 Washer F111
NB125.00.002 9G.02.005 Piston rod (ShP 45×750) (cone)
NB125.00.002 9G.02.005-01 Piston rod (ShP 45×750) (cylinder)
NB125.00.202 Grummet
NB125.01.001 Frame (NB-125)
NB125.01.002 Packing box
NB125.01.003 9G.01.011 Cross-head rod (ShPL 55х445)
NB125.01.006 Grummet
NB32.01.003 Ring
NB80.02.00.009 10Т.1.11 Valve CАp seal
NB80.02.00.023 15G.02.003 Valve spring PR52
ОSТ 23.1.92-88 Gear pump NSh 10-3
SО 205.00.001-07 Safety nail 16 MPa
SО 205.00.001-08 Safety nail 13 MPa
SО 205.00.001-09 Safety nail 10 MPa
SО 205.00.001-10 Safety nail 7,5 MPa
SО 205.00.001-11 Safety nail 17 MPa
SО 205.00.001-12 Safety nail 8,8 MPa
ТУ 26 02 967-87 Valve КDК 5-6 (К4А) (assembled with seating)
КSК 5- КSК 5-6 valve grummet
ТУ 2.053.1342-78 Vane pump BG 12-41
CА320А.04.00.003 Seat seal Du100
CА320М.12.6 Cone seal
CА320М.17.28 Delivery hose 2″ L=10м Du50
CА320М.17.29 Relief hose 2″ L=10м Du50
CА320М.17.30.125 Sleeve nut Du100
CА320М.17.30.6 Fitting pipe
CА320М.17.30.61 Cone seal Du100 (for welding)
CА320М.17.30А Suction hose 4″ L=4м Du100
CА320М.17.30А Suction hose 4″ L=6м Du 100
CN-0206 1Т.132 Grummet
EP9905.000 Swivel joint 50х70
EP9906.000 Swivel joint сдвоенное

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