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Spare parts for NC-320 (9T) and NB-125 (9mGy)

Cementing pump NC-320 – horizontal two-cylinder pump, double-acting, with built-in worm gear reducer. The pump NC-320 is intended for feeding various liquid media during cementing the wells and preflush and overflush operations in course of drilling and repair of wells as part of pumping plants. Cementing pump NC-320, in terms of its technical characteristics, overall dimensions and connecting dimensions, is completely interchangeable with the cementing pump 9T.

Drilling pump NB-125 double-piston, power-actuated, horizontal, double-acting. The pump NB-125 is intended for injection of the flushing fluid when drilling oil and gas wells; for injection of liquid media when performing preflush and overflush operations in course of the overhaul repair of the wells; for water injection into the stratum in order to intensify oil production; for pumping various non-aggressive liquids, including watercut oil. Most of the components and assembly units of the drilling pump NB-125 are interchangeable with the similar components and assembly elements of the Drilling pump 9mGy and can be used in the repair of those drilling pumps.

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Labelling (Drawing number) Alternative label Product name
4АN.3.53.3 Membrane
4АN.3.53-01 Segregator
9G.06.00.120 Orifice plate D-20
9G.11.55 R Frame cover plate, upper, repair NB125
9G.11.55-01 R Frame cover plate, lower repair NB125
9G-1-32 (9mGy-61,73) Piston rod (L=1140 pistons with cone fit)
9G-1-32-01(9mGy-61,73) Piston rod (L=1140 pistons with cylinder fit)
9T RTI Fabricated rubber products kit 9T (without pistons)
AFNI.067721.007 Fabricated rubber products kit NC320
AFNI.067721.008 Fabricated rubber products kit NB125
AFNI.296372.001 Hydraulic remover of the valve seats F111
AFNI.296377.001 Cylinder bushing removal tool
AFNI.296377.002 Cylinder bushing remover
AFNI.296441.002 Socket wrench S=65
AFNI.296441.002-01 Socket wrench S=75
AFNI.301265.007 9G.02.400 Valve cover
AFNI.302637.017 9G.06.00.100 Discharge header
AFNI.302669.001 9G.06.00.000 Outlet unit
AFNI.302669.001 А Outlet unit (without discharge header)
AFNI.304269.002 9G.9.29 Boring head
AFNI.304513.004 9T.01.100 Rocker arm with bushing
AFNI.304515.001 Eccentric shaft assembled with the crown
AFNI.304516.001 9G.01.200 Crosshead
AFNI.306555.002 Valve chests unit
AFNI.306555.003 9T.02.300 Valve chest (NC-320)
AFNI.306555.004 9G.02.101 Valve chest (NB-125)
AFNI.306571.001 9T.2.6 Piston (F90)
AFNI.306571.002 9T.2.33 Piston (F100)
AFNI.306571.002-01 9T.2.7 Piston (F115)
AFNI.306571.002-02 9T.2.34 Piston (F127)
AFNI.306571.003-01 Piston rod with piston and nuts F115
AFNI.306571.003-02 Piston rod with piston and nuts F90
AFNI.306571.003-03 Piston rod with piston and nuts F100
AFNI.306571.003-04 Piston rod with piston and nuts F127
AFNI.306577.001 9T.9 Assembled valve F105
AFNI.306577.001-01 9T.2.69 Assembled valve F111
AFNI.306577.002 9T.02.220 Safety valve
AFNI.711141.043 9T.4.9 Ring
AFNI.711374.001 9G.02.008 Cover
AFNI.711472.002 9G.01.016-01 Oil-seal housing
AFNI.712173.001 1Т.118А Valve seat F111
AFNI.712351.002 9T.3.1А Valve seat F105 (for bushings F90)
AFNI.713191.004 9T.1.20.2А Bushing
AFNI.713312.001 9G.11.58 Crosshead stud
AFNI.713341.019 11Т.01.028-01 Press-on bush
AFNI.713352.002 9T.2.61 Oil-seal housing
AFNI.713514.002 Bolt
AFNI.713542.002 9G.9.103 Valve cover nut
AFNI.715113.005-01 9T.4.1 Safety stud 40 MPa
AFNI.715113.005-02 9T.4.5 Safety stud 32 MPa
AFNI.715113.005-03 9T.4.6 Safety stud 23 MPa
AFNI.715113.005-04 9T.4.7 Safety stud 18,5 MPa
AFNI.715412.001 9T.4.8 Rod (of the safety valve)
AFNI.715441.001-01 5Т.20 Cylinder bushing F90
AFNI.715441.001-02 6G.102А Cylinder bushing F100
AFNI.715441.001-03 6G.103 Cylinder bushing F115
AFNI.715441.001-04 6G.104 Cylinder bushing F127
AFNI.715513.005 9T.2.5 Piston rod
AFNI.722515.002 Flow choke
AFNI.722542.001 Crown of the worm rear
AFNI.723413.005 Lower frame cover plate
AFNI.723413.005-01 Upper frame cover plate
AFNI.732221.001 9T.01.014А Frame (NC-320)
AFNI.743411.002 5Т.27А Rocker arm
AFNI.751662.001 9G.01.201 Crosshead housing
AFNI.752411.001-01 9T.3.2 Valve plate F105
AFNI.752411.001-02 9T.3.2 Valve plate F111
AFNI.753691.003 1Т.133 Load sharing block
AFNI.753691.004 Bushing
AFNI.753781.001 9T.01.013А Lower frame cover plate
AFNI.753781.001-01 9T.01.013А-01 Upper frame cover plate
AFNI.753781.002 9G.01.202 Crosshead cover plate
AFNI.754152.016 9G.9.122 Gasket
AFNI.754152.017 5Т.65 Sealing of the cylinder bushing
AFNI.754152.018 9T.62 Gasket
AFNI.754152.021 9T.2.15 Ring
AFNI.754171.001 Cup of the rod
AFNI.754171.003 9T.2.9 Cup
AFNI.754171.004 CA300.9.6 Sealing
AFNI.754171.005 9T.2.8 Cup of the piston
AFNI.754174.004 9T.3.3 Valve sealing F105
AFNI.754174.004-01 9T.3.3 Valve sealing F111
AFNI.754175.002 9T.10.3 Sealing ring
AFNI.758412.006 5Т.10 Locknut of the rod
AFNI.758412.009 9T.2.70 Nut of the rod
AFNI.758493.002-01 9T.3.4 Washer F105
AFNI.758493.002-02 9T.3.4 Washer F111
NB125.00.002 9G.02.005 Piston rod (ShP 45х750) (cone)
NB125.00.002 9G.02.005-01 Piston rod (ShP 45х750) (cylinder)
NB125.00.202 Sealing
NB125.01.001 Frame (NB-125)
NB125.01.002 Oil-seal housing
NB125.01.003 9G.01.011 Crosshead rod (ShPL 55х445)
NB125.01.006 Sealing
NB32.01.003 Ring
NB80.02.00.009 10Т.1.11 Valve cover sealing
NB80.02.00.023 15G.02.003 Valve spring PR52
SO 205.00.001-07 Safety stud 16 MPa
SO 205.00.001-08 Safety stud 13 MPa
SO 205.00.001-09 Safety stud 10 MPa
SO 205.00.001-10 Safety stud 7,5 MPa
SO 205.00.001-11 Safety stud 17 MPa
SO 205.00.001-12 Safety stud 8,8 MPa
ТU 26 02 967-87 Valve КSК 5-6 (К4А) (assembled with seat)
КSK 5- Valve sealing КSК 5-6
ТU 2.053.1342-78 Vane-type pump BG 12-41
CN-0206 1Т.132 Sealing

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