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Design and production of pipeline fittings
for the wellhead hookup and accessories for tubing strings

Spare parts for NB-32 and NB-50

Drilling pumps NB-32 and NB-50 – horizontal two-cylinder pumps, double-acting, power-actuated, with built-in gear reducer. The pumps NB-32 and NB-50 are intended for injecting the washing liquid (water, clay solution) into the well during exploratory and stratigraphic test drilling for oil and gas. The pumps NB-32 and NB-50 have also found widespread application at the enterprises of food, chemical and construction industries for pumping various non-aggressive liquids.

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Labelling (Drawing number) Product name
11G-1-10 Nut
11G-1-15Б Bimetallic bushing
11G-2-1 Gasket
11G-3-14 Gasket
11G-3-17А Spring
11G-3-4-2 Pressure washer
11G-3-4-3 Locking washer
11G-3-51 Gasket
11G-3-55 Piston P1-2-90
11G-3-56 Piston P1-2-80
11GRI.02.200 Piston P1-2-100
11GRI.04.001 Pressure flange
11GRI.04.003 Bushing of the pressure flange
11GRI.04.004 Cup
11GRI.04.005 Oil-seal housing
AFNI.067721.009 Spare parts kit (fabricated rubber products) NB32, NB50 (without pistons)
GOST 18829-73 Ring 140-150-58-2-2
Ball valve
Ball valve seat 35 mm
Ball valve seat 30 mm
K2A.00.00.001 Seat
K2A.01.00.000 Plate valve
K2A.01.00.001 Plate
КS- Stabilizer
КS- Locking pin
КS- Stem
КS- Orifice plate
КS- T-shape bend
КS- Safety valve
КS-А Assembled adapter
NB32.00.006 Baffle plate
NB32.00.008 Locknut of the piston rod
NB32.00.009-01 Connecting shaft
NB32.00.110 Seat removal tool
NB32.00.120 Cylinder bushing removal tool
NB32.00.400 Inlet valve
NB32.01.001 Frame
NB32.01.002 Slider rod
NB32.01.003 Ring
NB32.01.004 Oil-seal housing
NB32.01.008 Crosshead stud
NB32.02.000 (F110) Spare parts Hydraulic unit
NB32.02.001 Cover
NB32.02.002 Valve cover
NB32.02.020-01 Cylinder bushing F80
NB32.02.020-02 Cylinder bushing F90
NB32.02.020-03 Cylinder bushing F100
NB32.02.100 Cylinder block with pins
NB32.02.101 Cylinder block
NB32.02.102-02 Cylinder bushing F110
NB32.02.102-03 Cylinder bushing F120
NB32.02.103 Bushing seal
NB32.02.104 Spacer ring
NB32.02.105 Valve seal
NB32.02.200 Piston P1-4-120
NB32.02.300 Intake header
NB32.02.501 Piston rod
NB40.00.004-02 Cover plate
NB40.00.005А Crosshead
NB40.00.084 Crosshead stud
NB40.01.110 Three-way valve
NB40.01.270-01 Piston P1-4-110
NB40.04.120 Rocker arm with bushing
NB50.02.000 (F110) Spare parts Hydraulic unit
CN-0205 Load sharing block
CN-0206 Sealing

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