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Well flowlines

Линии Линии Линии

The flow lines are designed to drain the borehole fluid and gas to a safe distance from the wellhead in case of an emergency discharge.

The discharge lines are usually not completely filled with oil, part of the section of the lines is occupied by the gas released during the movement of oil.

The diameter of the flow lines varies from 75 to 150 mm depending on the well production rate. The length of the flow lines must be at least 30 m, and in case of possible gushing — at least 100 m. The length of the flow lines is determined by technical and economic calculations and can reach 3-4 km.

The flow lines must be directed in different directions. It is allowed to turn the outgoing lines by 180° with the use of forged elbow pipes. All lines should have a slope of 1/300 from the wellhead (to free line discharge from by gravity).

Выкидная линия_модель Выкидная линия_эскиз

Выкидная линия_модель Выкидная линия_эскиз

We produce flow lines according to technical requirements (drawings / diagrams) of customers.

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