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Manifold pipes

Трубы манифольда

Manifold pipes are the part of a pipeline of a certain length for quick connection between themselves and other nodes or equipment, the connection can be carried out with the help of quick-disconnect joints or flanges.

Manifold pipes are used in the oil and gas industry in process pipelines to connect the units and equipment among themselves in order to transport the working media. The working medium can consist various substances: water, oil, oil products, alkalis, inhibited acid solutions, cement and clay solutions, and other process fluids.

Today we offer manifold pipes with quick-disconnect joints 2″, 2.5″, 3″, 3.5″, 4″ of any length the customer needs, designed for pressure up to 70 MPa and operating temperature from -50 ° С to 100 ° C. We also produce manifold pipes with a flanged connection as per GOST Standards 28919.

ТМ2_модель ТМ2_схема

ТМ4_модель ТМ4_схема

NPS, mm d, mm D, mm l, mm L, mm Thread
50 (2”) 50 60 90 Customized 100х12,7 104,8х8,47
62 (2,5”) 62 73 90 Customized 110х8,47  —
76 (3”) 76 89 108 Customized 136,5х8,47 136,5х7,26
100 (4”) 100 114 120 Customized 160х12,7 158,75х8,47

The indicated parameters of the manifold pipes are calculated for a pressure up to 40 MPa.
On request, we can produce manifold pipes, designed for pressure up to 70 MPa. Contact us here.

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