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Swivel joints

Swivel joints are the connecting elements of pipelines that are used for connection and orientation of quick-assembly pipelines.

Pipelines connect pumping stations with wellhead reinforcement by hydro-sandblast perforation, hydraulic fracturing of seams, well cementing during drilling and well repair, sand plugs washing, acid treatment of wells as well as other technological operations.

Swivel joints will allow you to quickly change the direction of flow of the working medium and collect a network of pipelines of various configurations.

To assemble at the ends of the connection, quick disconnections are used, ensuring fast assembly of pipelines of the required configuration and replacement of failed assemblies.

Swivel joints are widely used in the oil, gas industry and technological pipelines. They are used in pipelines working with various media: water, oil, oil products, alkalis, inhibited acid solutions, cement and clay solutions, and other process fluids.

Joints are produced according to our own specification, NPS up to 100 mm, designed for pressure up to 70 MPa and temperature operation from -50 ° С to 100 ° С.

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Swivel joints of SSh type

The joints are of various types. The first digit means the number of hinges (turning parts), the second digit — the number of elbows (angles).

It is possible to order Swivel joints, designed for pressure up to 70 MPa.

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