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Check Valve

The check valve (or reverse valve) – is a type of protective pipeline valve designed to prevent a change in the flow direction of the working fluid in the process system.

Check valves pass the medium in one direction and prevent it from moving in the opposite direction, acting thus automatically and being a direct acting armature. The check valve ensures that the flow of the working fluid flows only in one direction.

Check valves are installed on pipelines and equipment with the help of quick-disconnect joints. The installation of a check valve eliminates the loss of the working environment when the hoses and other components are disconnected / attached, as well as when the system section is destroyed, and to protect the equipment from damage.

The check valve, depending on the materials of execution, can interact with various media: water, alkali, oil, inhibited acid solutions, oil products, cement and clay solutions.

High-quality check valves manufactured by our company, exclude losses of working fluid as well as pressure drop in the system, and are designed for pressure up to 70 MPa, operation temperature from -50 ° to 100 ° С.

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