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Design and production of pipeline fittings
for the wellhead hookup and accessories for tubing strings


Фланец стальной плоский приварнойИПК Ф.65.35.05 Фланец 65х35ф-НКТ73ИПК Ф.65.35.05 Фланец 65х35ф-НКТ73

Steel flanges are flat parts of square or round shape with evenly spaced holes for bolts and studs.

Flanges are designed for reliable, durable and hermetic installation of various pipeline components, pipeline fittings, joining one pipe to another, to machines, to process vessels. Flanges are used in pairs (set).

The flanges can be connected by thread (tubing, Rc, G, foreign: NPT and BSPT) or welded joints (welded flanges).

Depending on the method of connection, operating conditions and the environment with which the flanges come into contact, general steel, structural and alloyed steels are used for the manufacture of flanges.

Flanged connections can be used with such media as: water, oil, oil products, alkalis, inhibited acid solutions, cement and clay solutions, and other process fluids, at pressures from 1 to 110 MPa and temperatures from -50 ° C to 100 °C.

Today we offer steel flanges produced in accordance with GOST 28919-91. We are ready to consider the possibility of producing flanges according to the drawings or to the customer’s specification.

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