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Quick-disconnect joints

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A quick-disconnect joints is an element used to connect tubing, hoses, various parts of equipment and pipelines for quick installation or removal of components.

The quick-disconnect joints is a joint consisting of two parts that are connected together by a nut. There are different names for these parts. In most cases, the names of the choke (nest) and nipple (cone) are used, and in everyday life — «female» and «male».

The design of the quick-disconnect joints is fairly simple and does not cause any inconvenience in the process of use. Such connections can be used when connecting pipelines and hoses in one single line, enabling you to attach to different types of process equipment and containers.

Depending on the environment with which the quick-disconnect joints has to interact and the required limit pressure, general steel, structural and alloyed steels are used as materials for the quick-disconnect joints manufacturing.

You can use the quick-disconnect joints to work in different environments. So as a medium can be used water, alkali, oil, inhibited acid solutions, petroleum products, cement and clay solutions, and other process fluids.

There are the following types of quick-disconnect joints connection:

  • threaded connections: tubing thread as per GOST Standards 633-80, Rc thread as per GOST Standards 6211-81, threads of foreign standards: NPT, BSPT, ASME.
  • with the preparation of the surface for welding in a joint or with a groove.

High quality quick-disconnect joints produced by our company are universal systems, excluding the loss of working fluid and pressure drop in the system. Our quick-disconnect joints are designed for pressure up to 70MPa and a temperature mode of operation from -50 ° to 100 ° С.

To receive detailed consultation about the offered quick-disconnect joints, buy quick-disconnect joints and other our products, you can contact us in a way convenient for you. Contact us here.

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