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Design and production of pipeline fittings
for the wellhead hookup and accessories for tubing strings

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Elements of manifolds
Быстроразборные соединения (БРС) Quick-disconnect joints (QDJ)

A quick-disconnect joints (QDJ) is an element used to connect tubing, hoses, various parts of equipment and pipelines for quick installation or removal of components. The QDJ is a joint consisting of two parts that are connected together by a nut…

Соединения шарнирные Swivel joints

Swivel joints (SSh, EP) are the connecting elements of pipelines that are used for connection and orientation of quick-assembly pipelines. Pipelines connect pumping stations with wellhead reinforcement by hydro-sandblast perfo…

Трубы манифольда (ТМ) Manifold pipes (MP)

Manifold pipes (MP) are the part of a pipeline of a certain length for quick connection between themselves and other nodes or equipment, the connection can be carried out with the help of QDJ or flanges. Manifold pipes are used in the oil and gas…

Выкидные линии Flow lines

The flow lines are designed to drain the borehole fluid and gas to a safe distance from the wellhead in case of an emergency discharge. The discharge lines are usually not completely filled with oil…

Elbow pipes, tees fittings, cross tees Elbow pipes, tees fittings, cross tees

These are the connecting parts of the pipeline, which are used in the construction of pipelines of various purposes in the oil and gas industry for transportation of various substances, such as: water, oil, oil products, alkalis, inhibited acid solutions, cement and clay solutions…

Check valve Check valve

The check valve (or reverse valve) is a type of protective pipeline valve designed to prevent a change in the flow direction of the working fluid in the process system. Check valves pass the medium in one direction and prevent it from moving in the opposite directio…

Steel flange Steel flange

Steel flanges are flat parts of square or round shape with evenly spaced holes for bolts and studs.
Flanges are designed for reliable, durable and hermetic installation of various pipeline components, pipeline fittings, joining one pipe to another, to machi…

Adapters Adapters

Adapter is a device designed to connect pipelines, aggregates and equipment, which have different connecting elements…

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