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Design and production of pipeline fittings
for the wellhead hookup and accessories for tubing strings

Blowout prevention manifolds

The blowout prevention manifold serves to seal the wellhead and provide circulation of solutions in oil and gas wells and is designed to direct drilling agent from the well into the buffer tank or free discharge to reduce pressure in the well or reverse direction to prevent emissions and open fountains. Learn more

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Manifold pipes

Manifold pipes are the part of a pipeline of a certain length for quick connection between themselves and other nodes or equipment, the connection can be carried out with the help of Quick-disconnect joints or flanges. Learn more

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Swivel joints

Pipelines connect pumping stations with wellhead reinforcement by hydro-sandblast perforation, hydraulic fracturing of seams, well cementing during drilling and well repair, sand plugs washing, acid treatment of wells as well as other technological operations. Learn more

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Elbow pipes, tees fittings, cross tees

These are the connecting parts of the pipeline, which are used in the construction of pipelines of various purposes in the oil and gas industry for transportation of various substances, such as: water, oil, oil products, alkalis, inhibited acid solutions, cement and clay solution. Learn more

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Check Valve

The check valve (or reverse valve) – is a type of protective pipeline valve designed to prevent a change in the flow direction of the working fluid in the process system. Learn more

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Knock-off valves

Knock-off valve (alias — discharge valve, bleed valve) is applied in the oil industry with process units equipped with electric pumps for killing the wells before their repair. Learn more

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The adapter is an element of the pipeline, which allows connecting pipes with different diameters of the conditional pass. The adapters are made with threads of different standards: tubing, R, G, foreign NPT and BSPT. Learn more

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About us

«Innovative Industrial Company» LLC is a production company established in 2010 in Izhevsk. We design and manufacture products according to Russian and foreign standards (GOST, API) as well as by our own technical specifications.

Own highly skilled engineering personnel allow us not only to produce manifolds and their elements as per GOST Standards and drawings of our customers, but also to develop products in accordance with technical requirements of customers.

We produce:


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Our products

What is a good manifold for?

Manifold is an element of oil and gas reinforcement, consisting of several pipelines connected in a certain pattern and, as a rule, fixed on one base.

Manifolds are designed to transport drilling agent from drilling pumps:

  • up to the riser in the drilling rig;
  • to the pipeline, which lines of the system of preparation and cleaning of the agentin drilling rigs.

Manifolds are provided with the necessary shut-off and other fittings, drill sleeves, expansion joints and other elements.

Typical manifold schemes set the minimum number of necessary manifold components that can be supplemented depending on the specific conditions of the well being under construction or being repaired.

Manifolds are designed to work with the following environments: oil, gas, drilling agent, water. Used with the temperature range from -50 ° C to 120 ° C and withstand high pressure (from 20 to 105 MPa).

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